Tom Guthrie, General Manager Account Management

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Unfortunately, from a rainfall perspective, most of the state remains dry and there is nothing positive on the extended forecast out until the end of May. The exception over the weekend was the southern region, where some were lucky enough to receive between 2-10mm.

Even with the less than ideal rainfall forecast and lack of soil moisture profile, growers continue to dry sow around the clock across the state, pinning their hopes now on a break during the first half of June, putting the break at least a week behind average.

Wheat and barley values are off significantly week on week as the market resets against the pending bumper northern hemisphere cereal harvest, softer values globally and softer values domestically in Eastern Australia. New crop wheat bids are at export parity and should allow for Western Australian wheat to be competitive in the export pathway to key milling wheat markets in South East Asia.

Pictured: Sowing at Mukinbudin WA


Prices as at 9th May 2019

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.

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