At Great Northern Rural Services, we are passionate about helping our clients to successfully free their crops from unwanted pests and disease. We do this by providing you with the products and advice to match your crop issue to produce fields of healthy crops, year after year.

We recognize the damage that even the simplest of pests and diseases can do to your crops. From stunting their growth to consuming them before they are ripe, both have the power to harm your business and cut your profits.

At Great Northern Rural Services we can help you to combat this.

Not only do we endeavor to ensure all of our team are kept up to date with the latest product developments and industry information; thanks to the fantastic relationships we have with all of our growers and supply partners, we are able to source an extensive range of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides to deal with all scenarios and situations.

Along with fertilizers, seeds, soil testing and planning, we strive to offer our farmers the best in agronomy advice to ensure your continued productivity, efficiency and success.

We are committed to your success, so contact us today to buy seed or fertiliser and so we can offer you the tools so that your crops grow strong, healthy and free from disease.