Rotary – Recycling Old Batteries

I was recently approached by the Rotary Club of Batavia Coast to assist them in a
fund raising venture.
The Rotary Club raises money through a range of methods so they can run
programs within the Midwest, throughout Australia and in some cases overseas.
Some of the projects they do around Geraldton are:-
  • Build of Pergolas at the Geraldton Cemetery
  • Rotary Youth Driver Awareness
  • Sponsor 2 people to Camp Opportunity
  • Sponsor attendee’s to Rotary Youth Leadership
  • Assist in the logistics of Teach Learn Grow.
  • Contribution to the Cord Blood Bank
The recycling of old vehicle or solar batteries that you may have is a perfect way to
raise money and do something for the environment.
The Rotary Club is willing to organise the collection these batteries from you. This
can be done a couple of different way are;
The Rotary Club collects them from you directly,
  • You drop them off directly to their nominated recycler Cogman Scrap Metal at 7 Selby Place.
  • Make sure you tell them it’s for the CRT/Rotary Battery Recycling project,
  • Drop them into us at 31 Boyd Street Webberton
If you can help, please contact;
Nygal Brooks 0427382438 (email:
Tom Gorman 0418 50 2214 (email: