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Have a look at our wide range of water equipment. It is backed by our staff with decades of experience and the industry leading organisations

Our Key Pump Partners

Great Northern Rural Services rely on the following suppliers to help provide all your pump needs....

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With our vast list of suppliers GNRS have the capability to supply all types of pumps for Fire fighting , Water transfer , Chemical handling, diesel transfer , Flexi-n transfers, Solar pumps and windmill.   Additionally  there are also submersible pumps as well as many other forms of water delivery that are developing in our diverse industry .

For detailed information please contact us so we can choose the most efficient unit or system for you 


For the many different styles of household appliances we  can supply a unit that are capable of:-

  1.          One shower head 4.5 -20 lpm with one toilet for single man quarters.
  2.          5 bedroom house , 3 bathrooms , swimming pool and a spa  with variable speed drive units to maximize your water supply and optimize your power consumption
  3.          Large gardens with lawns to small cottage garden beds

For detailed information please contact us so we can choose the most efficient unit or system for you 

Industrial / Mining

We have a large selection of stainless steel and cast iron centrifugal, submersible, and multi-stage pumps and pump sets for mining, oil and gas, and industrial applications. Customized materials for harsh water conditions are also available, including duplex stainless steel and bronze. We also specialize in the fabrication of diesel powered pump sets and fire booster pump sets.

Swimming Pools

Innovative designs and a focus on quality, with a strong relationship with Davey Products who are a world leader, in pool and spa equipment.  Davey's range includes:

·         Pool Pumps & Salt Water Chlorinators

·         Media & Cartridge Filters

·         Pool Cleaners

·         Pool Heating -  Solar, Gas, Electric Heat Pumps

·         Pool & Spa Lighting & Water Falls

·         Spa Pool Pumps, Controllers, Blowers

·         Pool & Spa accessories


GNRS  source a range of solar pumps for Agriculture. Pastoral, Domestic, Hobby’s farms and commercial ponds to garden pond solar pumps.

We use only the quality units from Franklin. Lorentz, Solar Jack and Clear ponds .  

There have been many advances in this field even where solar supply and grid power can be combined together, this allows for optimum performances.

Technical Notes

Follow the link to our extensive range of technical notes on this product range