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Water treatment is the term that refers to any modification made to raw water (rivers lakes streams), water filters and softeners serve a very different purpose.


Filters are designed to provide clean contaminant free water for drinking and other purposes


The main goal of a softener is to remove hardening minerals like calcium and magnesium , softeners do not remove dangerous chemicals or bacteria.

Water is termed hard if it contains large amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium, the two major problems this causes are first scaling when the calcium and magnesium separate from the water and form a hard thin layer on the inside of such appliances , causing appliances to clog and therefore reducing their ability to conduct heat , secondly hard water causes soap scum to build up on dishes and tiles

In order to remove calcium and magnesium , water softeners chemically replace the calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions , because sodium does not separate and cause scale on pipes or react badly with soap .

Purification (Bacteria) including UV Bacterial Control

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