Our Commercial Horticulture

Great Northern Rural Services is known as the horticulture specialists in the greater Midwest region of WA. We have extensive experience in protected cropping in soil, as well through hydroponically systems. In fact we have our own hydroponic trial and demonstration facility in our facility


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Great Northern Rural Services supplies and services the Greater Midwest region all its Hydroponic needs. We cater to all size growers from the Backyard to commercial growers. With two dedicated Horticulturalists servicing the local and Midwest Cucumber growers you be sure of the best advice on:

  • ·         Technical information
  • ·         Equipment
  • ·         Technical support
  • ·         System design
  • ·         Nutrient & Water analysis

       GNRS is can help develop your new Hydroponic venture from concept to completion

Things to consider before starting a Hydroponic enterprise:

  • Market research

              By researching the local and statewide markets you are more informed to make an educated                       choice on crop type by factors such as price, cost of growing and demand.

  • Crop type

              Crop choice has many factors but some main points to consider are existing competition in                           supply chain.

  • Is there room for future growth and expansion in the market and on farm.
  • Distance from local market as freight is a considerable expense which needs to be considered.
  • Water availability from Scheme, Bore and Dam.
  • Utilising local specialist like GNRS and speaking with our experienced staff to devise a plan for your next venture
  • Type of Hydroponic system
  • Water supply-Quantity/Quality

Benefits of a Hydroponic system:

  • ·         Higher yielding crops
  • ·         Weed problems are eliminated
  • ·         Less machinery is required than growing direct into soil
  • ·         Environmental conditions can be controlled
  • ·         Cheaper land can be used
  • ·         Faster crop turn around
  • ·         Water usage can be less
  • ·         Crops are able to be lifted from ground level creating a better work environment

GNRS are committed to creating and exploring new and alternative methods of using Hydroponics. We have invested a considerable amount of time and money in a working hothouse on site. By developing and utilizing the latest technology for constant Ec/Ph monitoring and dosing a new generation of Fertigation through Hydroponics will be achieved.

Pictures of new Capsicum and Tomato crops late 2015: 


With controllers for Horticulture the machine needs to be versatile, easy to understand, easy to operate and have many different operations available.  With many different controllers around we at GNRS have chosen the Netafim NMC Pro unit, as it meets all requirements and is back up by a strong service team in W.A.


NMC-Pro Specifications:

Hardware specifications

·         Surge suppression on 115/230VAC power - 1 internal, 1 optional external.

·         Surge protection on inputs and outputs - yes.

·         Dual power CPU - 115/230VAC or 12VDC.

·         Outputs - 24VAC - up to 64 (in modules of 8).

·         Outputs - relay contact - up to 64 (in modules of 8).

·         Outputs - DC Latch (pulse) - up to 256 (via single cable).

·         Inputs - digital/pulse - up to 16 (in modules of 8).

·         Inputs - analogue - up to 22 (in modules of 11).

·         Communication - up to 50 controllers in a network.

·         PC links options - wire, telephone, cellular or radio 

Software specifications

·         Irrigation program - up to 15.

·         Irrigation triggers - Radiation Sum, time and external conditions.

·         Number of valves per irrigation program - up to 40, sequentially or grouped.

·         Dosing program - up to 10.

·         Dosing method - Time and Quantity (bulk or spread), Ratio (1/1000) and EC/pH.

·         Independent dosing method per channel - Passive, EC, Acid or Alkali.

·         Dual EC/pH measurement - verifying sensor readings to increase reliability.

·         EC Pre-control - fresh & drain water pre-mixing.

·         Drain measurement - up to 8 drain meters.

·         Filter flushing - up to 24 filters with main filter valve.

·         Cooling/Humidity program - 5 dynamic programs according to temperature & humidity.

Features and Benefits:

·         Unmatched ease of use.

·         Modular hardware plug & play.

·         Irrigation according to Radiation Sum, time, and external conditions.

·         EC pre-control for drainage and fresh water pre mixing.

·         Drainage measurement.

·         Advanced EC/pH control.

·         Supports pH treatment during quantitative fertigation.


We have used many options for fertigation injection and control, with each we are looking for ease of use, compatibility with main irrigation controller.

We have four types of fertigation

  • ·         Manual Slug injection through suction of pump , this is old style and even as it is not recommend or effeicent it is still used
  • ·         Manual injection by venturi
  • ·         Automation  with  venturi

Automation  with  piston or diaphragm injection

NetaJet High Flow offers the following benefits:

·         One-of-a-kind system

·         Delivers accurate control of fertilizers and acid in extreme flow rate of over 100m3/hr (440 Gallon/min(

·         Pre-regulated compensation channel based on unique Venturi injectors

·         Offers EC & pH measurement and control

ControllerNMC - PRONMC - PRO
 Up to 64 Outputs 24V ACUp to 256 Outputs 24V AC or DC Latch (SingleNet)
 8 Digital inputsUp to 32 Digital inputs
 11 Analog inputs Up to 22 Analog inputs
                                                                                                  Pyranometer Sensor KIT                          
EC/pH contro                              Single measurement                     Dual measurements                                
Flow rate80 – 400 m3/hour

                                                 (300 - 1,700 Gallon/min)                
Dosing channelUp to 5 x 1000 l/hour
98% Acid channel x 40 l/hour (10 G/hour)   
                                                 (260 Gallon/hour)                         
System pressure                                            2.8 – 6.2 Bar (40–90 PSI)                                Up to 8 Bar (116 PSI)                                                   

Temperature and Climate Control

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Offsite Monitoring

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Technical Notes

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