Our Horticulture Services

As one of the most important industries in Geraldton and its surrounding Shires, at Great Northern Rural Services we aim to offer you the finest in horticulture services and products to ensure your continued success.

For more than 21 years we have assisted in the business of plant cultivation, enabling our growers to free their flowers, fruits, vegetables and non-food crops from disease and pests. 

And we can help you too.

We can help you to invest in the best sources for seeds and fertilisers, whilst providing you with the tools to confidently implement disease and pest control, and ensure a successful crop.

With Great Northern Rural Services, you can expect:

  • Professional horticultural services, including tissue, water, soil testing and planning.
  • Hydroponic advice and support
  • Disease and pest control
  • Top brand seeds and fertilisers
  • MSDS
  • Risk Management

Our services cover all areas of the Midwest, stretching as far North as Carnarvon, so no matter whether you are searching for advice on hydroponics or require tissue and soil testing, we can provide you with the tools to keep your plants healthy and strong.

So contact us today to learn more about our horticulture services. 

Professional or domestic, with Great Northern Rural Services you can be certain that we can assist you with all aspects of plant cultivation, whether that be the art, the science, the technology or the business of horticulture.

Our Key Suppliers

Mirco Brothers


Baileys Fertiliser                           

Eco-Growth International


Growers Agrishop

Agrichem Liquid Fertilisers

Rivulis Irrigation