Our Marketing Services

We offer a wide range of Grain Marketing Options through Agfarm and CHS.

As an independent, farmer owned co-operative, CHS has a strong focus on helping growers to receive innovative products as well as a tradition of providing partnerships throughout its networks that create value for the grower.

A well renowned marketer of more than 50 million tonnes of grain and oilseed a year, CHS provides Agfarm with global grain intelligence, strong support and marketing expertise, and broad range of export opportunities, to enable growers to receive improved services. 

Visit the Agfarm website here.

We also provide a tailored Market Analysis Service by using Mecardo market analysis.


Mecardo is Australia’s leading provider of independent, in-depth analysis and outlook for livestock, wool and grain markets. It doesn’t just report the market news – it explains what’s driving the market, it helps you understand what’s important and what it means for you.


Why subscribe to Mecardo?


·         It filters what's important from the 'noise'

·         Cattle, sheep, wool and grain markets – all in the one place

·         In-depth market analysis – key market drivers, outlook and trading strategies

·         Short articles communicated simply – saving you time

·         Email alerts to new information – tailored to your interests

Great Northern Rural Services clients can have Mecardo’s latest analysis delivered to their Inbox for free. Visit www.mecardo.com.au/great-northern-rural-services to sign up today, and also receive one month’s Premium access for free.