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Because De-Fox is a dried meat bait, it is naturally attractive to foxes. The baits have a long shelf life (12 months) but decompose naturally in the field after several weeks so as to minimise the risk of non-target poisoning. Unlike fresh meat baits, De-Fox will not disintegrate too quickly in hotter weather. Fresh meat baits can sometimes lose their effectiveness in the matter of a few days. Because De-Fox is a ready-to-use product, the need for licensed and qualified personnel to inject toxin into the bait is obviated. With fresh meat bait, loss of some injected toxin can be a problem because the toxic solution is often injected under some pressure and can seep out through damaged tissues. De-Fox baits are pre-drilled to accept the injecting needle and all toxin is readily absorbed in the centre of the bait.


Galvanised Steel cages. Fully Assembled. Instructions

Included. Ideal for Possums, feral cats, wild dogs, dingos,

rabbits foxes, ducks & other large animals.

Rates & Mice

The Most Advanced Rodent Control Products

Want to eliminate unwanted pest from your Home or Property? The TOMCAT product range controls rats, mice and insects in domestic and agricultural situations.

Our Tomcat products have over 30 years of scientific research and proven field results to insure the best results for you. Click your relevant link for more information of Barmac’s compete Tomcat range including rodent baits and bait stations, mechanical traps and glue traps.

MOUSEOFF® Bromadiolone (MOUSEOFF® BD) is a cost-effective, simple and highly effective control method for rats and mice.

MOUSEOFF® BD is a whole grain wheat bait, and comes in a range of pack sizes to cater for any scale of mouse or rat problem around the house or farm buildings.



Racumin Mouse and Rat Blocks are ready to use. It is an economical anticoagulant product which requires repeated feeding over several days by the rodents to achieve control. In this way rodents do not become shy of the bait as may happen with acute baits. Pets and farm animals are at minimal risk as they are unlikely to gain repeated access to the bait.


The Phosphine fumigation method has been acknowledged world over as the most effective in controlling the pest menace and saving thousands of tonnes of grain for human consumption. QuickPhos with its principal ingredient Aluminium Phosphide is a solid, highly potent fumigant in tablet, pellet , bag & granular form