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Our Key Fencing Partners

Great Northern Rural Services rely on the following suppliers to help provide all your fencing needs....

Fencing - Rural

Whites Rural

           Secure wire to timber frames and posts

           · Razor sharp for fast and easy driving

           · Barbed for added holding power

· Galvanized for durability

· Double pointed ‘U’ shaped nail

· Suitable for securing wire, mesh and netting


Jambro Ring Fasteners  
• Fasten fencing to line wires
• 25m per minute
• Stainless steel jaws
• High tensile ring fasteners

Tough steel construction   

Standard range of drivers, lifters and wire spinners are an economical alternative to the contractor range, available in a durable zinc-plate finish.

Fence Wire Spinner
Central hub is designed for smooth, easy payout, and is adjustable to reduce spin and overrun for faster payout.

Post Driver
Heavy steel construction, weighted balanced head.

Post Lifter
Heavy steel construction. Simply place post in jaw and use the lever action to easily remove steel posts.

Galvanised wire:

• Soft - easy to handle and tie
• Medium Tensile - ideal with prefab fencing
• High Tensile - suited to longer strains

Heavily galvanised heavy netting

Whites Rural Heavy Netting is a versatile heavily galvanised netting for rural and heavy duty applications.

Netting with a 4 cm aperture and 1.4mm wire diameter (often referred to as rabbit netting) is available in varying heights. Suggested uses are:

·         30cm - reconditioning of existing fences, garden edging

·         60cm - reconditioning of existing fences, ducks

·         90cm - rabbit proofing, boundary fencing & tree guards

·         105cm - rabbit proofing, boundary fencing & tree guards

·         120cm - boundary and feral fencing, poultry

·         180cm - feral fencing, poultry and animal enclosures

• Reverse twist construction 

• Double selvedge wires for added strength

• Heavily galvanised

Heavily galvanised heavy netting

Whites Rural Heavy Duty Boundary Netting has a 5cm aperture and 1.6mm wire diameter is available in varying heights. Suggested uses are:

·         90cm - farm fencing, dogs & tree guards

·         120cm - feral fencing, animal enclosures & tree guards

·         180cm - feral fencing, animal enclosures, tennis courts and fishing netting


Cyclone offers a wide range of quality rural gates. All Cyclone gates are made from pre-galvanised pipe and mesh.

Cyclone rural gates are available in a variety of lengths and styles, and are all manufactured to a height of 1170mm

N-SureStudio Vertical Brace

Vertical Brace

In-situ 5-Bar5 Bar

Studio Entry gateEntry GateStudio Sheep Yard

Permanent Sheep YardStudio - 220500

Gate Fittings

Cyclone Black Imported Posts

  • Cyclone imported black steel fence posts come with traditional hole spacings which may assist in saving time when attaching fence materials to the post, and are aligned with most popular sizes of prefabricated fencing materials.
  • Cyclone imported black steel fence posts come in 165cm and 180cm lengths. 

Fencing Accessories

Coupling Clips

  • Designed to maintan a set distance between two single strand wires such as barbed wire or plain wire on fences.
  • Available in 3 different lengths: 80mm, 100mm and 120mm to suit most single stranded fence designs.
  • Manufactured from 2.5mm diameter LifeWire®.

Tie Fasts

  • Designed to allow the user to attach fence wire to steel fence posts.
  • Available in buckets containing 300 units or pails of 3000 units.
  • Manufactured from 2.5mm diameter LifeWire.

Tie Wire 

  • Cyclone tie wire is manufactured from standard galvanised, low tensile wire in 1.25mm, 1.57, 2.0mm and 2.5mm diameter.
  • Packaged in a wire frame in either 1kg or 3kg for convenient storage and controlled wire payout.

Fencing Staples

  • Cyclone fencing staples are manufactured from Lifewire in 3.15mm and 4.0mm wire diameter.
  • Packaged in 5kg or 55kg pails

Maun Fencing Pliers 

http://www.cycloneproducts.com.au/Fencing/Tools%20and%20Accessories/~/media/OSW%20Unprotected%20Media/Cyclone/Products/Tools%20and%20Accessories/maun%20fencing%20pliers_849x566.ashx?as=1&w=214Multi-purpose plier and wire cutting tool which can cut up to 2.5mm diameter high tensile wire and up to 6.0mm diameter soft wire.Designed for use with the Cyclone complete strainer assembly

Posts are key to a fence’s strength and longevity. Waratah have advanced current fence post technology and developed the new JIO post range to meet the demand for innovation in the rural industry. Modern fencing continues to evolve and each new fence design requires a stronger, more ductile fence post with more attachment points. 

Steel posts offer a number of advantages over both timber and concrete alternatives. When looking at steel post options it’s important to know that Waratah posts have superior quality in several key areas. Some fence posts can twist, bend or break when being driven into the ground, or are weaker, which requires them to be spaced closer together, which all adds significant cost and time when installing and maintaining your fence.

Waratah manufactures a wide range of prefabricated fencing products from high quality Australian steel, for uniform strength and consistent quality over the length of the fence.  Prefabricated wire is quick and easy to erect: just roll out, strain and tie-off to your posts and you have a strong, functional, low maintenance fence. You can protect your stock, crop or pasture from feral animals, keep your valuable stud animals safe with Stocksafe-T, or just build a fence that will last.

Waratah® offers two types of barbed wire - High tensile and Iowa.
High tensile barbed wire is recommended for use in conjunction with other high tensile wires where wider post spacing is used. Iowa barbed wire is commonly used in conjunction with netting fences and in areas considered to be at risk from grass fires.
Whilst not a requirement of Australian standards, Waratah barbed wire is continuous and contains no joins. This provides consistent strength along the entire length of the reel and reduces the risk of injury when straining.

Waratah Flexabel standard galvanized fence wire is a general purpose, economical, medium tensile fence wire. 

It can be used for a variety of applications including lower pressure and electric fencing

Standard galvanized fence wire should be used when the life of the fence is not a consideration

Tyeasy Longlife Blue colour® wire is a general purpose, 2.50mm high tensile fencing wire.

  • An economical fence wire with greater strength than Flexabel whilst retaining reasonable tying properties
  • Use in medium to high pressure situations
  • Due to its strength, Tyeasy is suited to plain and barbed wire suspension fencing
  • Large 1,500m coils to reduce construction downtime


Strainer assemblies are critical in any fence line. They carry the strain of the fence wire, impact from animals and bear the weight of accessories such as gates. If a strainer assembly fails, so will the entire fence. Good strainer assemblies will assist with easier fence maintenance and also provide flexibility in stock rotation. Two key components make a good strainer assembly – the strainer post and the stay. Waratah have a choice of two strainer posts – the angled Ezyslot® or the round Ezypipe with anchoring options if required and a multi-purpose stay – the Adjusta-stay. 

Waratah strainer assemblies have been designed to simplify installation, eliminate the need for machinery and extend the life of Longlife® Blue colour® fence wire.

All Waratah accessories are built to work together, making it quicker and easier to install any fence. Using market-leading, innovative products extends the life of your fence and makes maintaining your fence quick and easy.

You don't need to be a professional to do a professional job. All you need are the right tools to get the job done.

Because everything in the Waratah range is made to work together, you save time and money in both constructing and maintaining your fence.

Fencing - Industrial

PERMAPOLE STANDARD (CCA) products are treated to comply with the Australian standard H4 for preservation timber, which means they are suitable for in-ground use and non-structural applications.

PERMAPOLE: Pine poles with a slightly variable diameter, ranging from 50-70mm, up to 200-225mm. Ranging from 1.8 metres long to 4.2m. Used for fencing and vineyard posts. 


HOMESTEAD FENCING: a system of consistent diameter posts and rails which are easily assembled and ideal for rural and semi-rural fencing.

BOLLARDS: Smaller posts,consistent diameter and domed end, can have rebates, often used by councils and park authorities to prevent vehicle access to recreation areas. Custom made takes approx 3-4 weeks to produce.




http://www.fencefinder.com.au/uploads/65666/ufiles/chainlink_homepage_banner_image.jpgChainmesh fencing is also called chainlink or chain wire mesh fencing. It is available in different sizes, lengths and quality. Chainmesh fencing has a chain structure design that makes it stronger and reliable. It is ideal for play grounds like tennis court, basketball court and many other places in Whites Flat. Most schools use this type of fencing because it provides a clear view. Chain mesh fencing is coated with aluminium which makes it stronger and rust free.


http://www.hooverfence.com/catalog/chain-link-gates.JPGSouthern Wire manufactures the full range of chainwire suitable for all industrial or security projects. With heights ranging from 600mm to 6000mm, we can guarantee there will be a fence for your requirements. Southern Wire can either supply the materials only, or alternatively, offer a complete supply and install service.


Strainer Assemblies

Heavy duty galvanised steel strainer assemblies take the effort out of fencing and guarantee your fence will still be standing in

Twenty years time. The most popular strainer, the 80/40 Tubular Strainer is concreted into the ground, while the Drive-In End assembly is simply driven into the ground. All strainers are manufactured from heavy duty steel.


General Merchandise – Fencing-Industrial – 

Elgate Hinges

Elgate has a comprehensive range of fittings to suit Tubular and Decorative fencing, including a large range of self closing spring hinges designed for pool...

Chain Wire Fencing fittings


Don't forget to check out our very versatile Multi Purpose Fitting range, which allows multiple straight or adjustable angle clamps to be combined on the ...

Gate Hinges & Gudgeons

Here are just some of the huge range of Elgate Gate Gudgeons, Hinges and Hinge Straps. 

Interlocking Two Part Hinges for posts up to 100mm, Interlocking Gate Hinges for posts up to 50mm, Bolt on Timber Gate Hinges, Weld on Gate Hinges, Nylon Plain & Spring Closing Gate Hinges.

Weld on Channel Gudgeons, Weld on Angle Gudgeons, Bolt on Gudgeons, Bolt on Short Wood Gudgeons and Long Plate Gudgeons, Adjustable Long Plate Gudgeons with short steel gudgeon pin or extra long 75mm pin with self lubricating nylon sleeve - easy gate adjustment any time. 

Bolt on Gudgeons and Hinge Straps for angle iron posts or square post corners, bolt on Hinge Straps, Back Plates and Strap Attachments for square posts or flat surfaces, weld on Hinge Pins and Sockets in zinc plated or galvanised finish. Patented Hinge Attachments with Pin to suit Two Part Hinges - provides a fixed or adjustable gudgeon in a bolt on clamp fitting. Extra long 75mm adjustable pins with self lubricating nylon sleeve available, for absolutely painless double gate adjustment, any time.

Fence Fittings

Leaders in Fence & Gate Design and Innovation   

Caps and Pipe Flanges. Our gate fittings include an extensive range of Hinges, Gudgeons, & Drop Bolts and Gate Latches to name only a few.

Elgate manufacture a complete range of Farm Gate Fittings such as stock-proof Chain Latches, and screw in or bolt through Gate Gudgeons and Hinge Straps suitable for timber posts. We have a large variety of gate accessories and innovative specialty products, as well as fittings to suit Decorative and Tubular Fencing including our unique safety Pool Gate Latches and Hinges.

Fencing - Electrical

Fence Energizer M600 

The M600 is a reliable electric fence Energizer, with 6 Joules of stored energy. Suitable for fencing all types of animal on small to mid-sized farms up to 60 acres.

Fence Energizer M300

The M300 is a reliable electric fence Energizer, with 3 Joules of stored energy.  Suitable for fencing all types of animal on smaller farms up to 30 acres.


Fence Energizer M120

The M120 is a reliable electric fence Energizer, with 1.2 Joules of stored energy. Suitable for fencing domestic animals and pets on properties up to 10 acres.


Solar Fence Energizer S17

The S17, with   0.17 Joules of stored energy, is a self-sufficient Energizer which uses solar power to charge an internal battery. It can be used in permanent electric fencing, where there is no access to mains power and also for portable, short term   animal control.  Suitable for fencing horses and cattle on small farms or paddocks up to 2 acres.

5mm Turbo Braid

Heavy duty, woven material for easy handling with turbo conductivity for superior, long life animal control on portable fences over 200m.

•  Heavy duty braid with mixed metals (stainless steel and copper) designed not to overstretch or tangle so it's also easy to handle
•  Superior shock delivery with 63x conductivity of standard poly wire

12.5mm Turbo Tape

High visibility tape with turbo conductivity for portable electric fences, providing superior, long life animal control, on fences over 200m.

•  Heavy duty materials with 5 strands of mixed metals

•  Superior shock with 30x conductivity of standard poly tape

•  Ultra white for high visibility

Power Lock Insulator

For wood post electric fences that need to be temporarily lowered for vehicle or stock access such as on laneways, beside drains and around silage pits

Heavy Duty Equipost Treadin

 UV-stabilized plastic treadins with up to 9 lugs for positioning wires and tape to control domestic and wild animals.

Bracket Offset with Porcelain Reel

Brackets are strong and flexible - uses G67403 Porcelain Reel insulator 300mm (12"), Pack of 50

Smart Fence

The Smart Fence is a 4-wire completely portable, instant, all in one fence system.

•  The Smart Fence is a 4-wire completely portable, instant, all in one fence system

•  Quick and easy to put up and take down. Four wires, ten posts and 100m (330ft) length provides an optimal, easy to install instant electric fencing solution

•  The height of the top wire is 107cm/42 inches (including post's metal tread-in spike) - or 90 cm/35 and a half inches from the foot of the post

•  Easy to carry and store away. The Smart Fence combines posts, reels and wire all in one easily transportable package

Pet / Animal

• Reverse twist construction 

• Double selvedge wires for added strength 

• Heavily galvanised

Heavily galvanised heavy netting

Whites Rural Heavy Netting is versatile heavily galvanised netting for rural and heavy duty applications.

Netting with a 4 cm aperture and 1.4mm wire diameter (often referred to as rabbit netting) is available in varying heights. Suggested uses are:

30cm - reconditioning of existing fences, garden edging

60cm - reconditioning of existing fences, ducks

90cm - rabbit proofing, boundary fencing & tree guards

105cm - rabbit proofing, boundary fencing & tree guards

120cm - boundary and feral fencing, poultry

180cm - feral fencing, poultry and animal enclosures

Code Height Aperture (nom.) Wire Dia. (nom.) Roll Length Roll Weight Pallet Qty. Galv. Coating

10451 30cm 4cm 1.4mm 50m 13kg 16 Heavy Galv.

10452 60cm 4cm 1.4mm 50m 26kg 18 Heavy Galv.

10454 90cm 4cm 1.4mm 50m 36kg 9 Heavy Galv.

10474 90cm 4cm 1.4mm 100m 75kg 9 Heavy Galv.

10455 105cm 4cm 1.4mm 50m 42kg 9 Heavy Galv