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At Great Northern Rural Services we have industry leading products for your sheep and extensive technical support from leading manufacturers of Animal Health products

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Internal and External Parasite Control

Oral Drench-Internal parasite control
Avomec Dual


AVOMEC DUEL Broad Spectrum Drench for Sheep is a dual combination antiparasitic drench containing 1 g/L abamectin AND 50 g/L closantel for treatment and control of roundworms, nasal bot, itch mite and liver fluke in sheep. It has activity against resistant strains of Barberï¾’s Pole Worm and 6-week sustained activity against closantel-susceptible Barberï¾’s Pole Worm.

Active Constituents:

  • Abamectin 1 g/L
  • Closantel 50 g/L

Dose Rate

  • 1mL / 5kg liveweight
  • 2mL / 10kg liveweight
  • (Animals over 80kg)

Withholding Periods

  • Meat: 49 days
  • Milk: Do not use in ewes which are producing or may in the future produce milk or milk products for human consumption.
  • ESI#: 84 days
Cydectin Pour on


Composition - Moxidectin 5g/L

What is Cydectin Pour-On?
• Contains moxidectin
• A macrocyclic lactone (ML) or “mectin” class pour-on drench for cattle
• Broad spectrum control of internal and external parasites
• Kills roundworms for longer
• Controls Ostertagia, lungworm and nodule worm for 42 days
• Controls barber’s pole worm and black scour worm for 28 days
• Controls cattle tick for 21 days
• Nil meat and milk withholding periods and ESI for cattle
• No known impact on dung beetles+

Cydectin Pour-On for Cattle and Red Deer should be applied topically at the recommended dose rate of 1mL/10kg bodyweight.

Animals in excess of 650kg should be dosed at 1mL/10kg bodyweight.

Withholding Periods/ESI

  • Meat: Cattle: Nil
  • Deer: Do not use less than 7 days before slaughter for human consumption
  • Milk: Nil
  • ESI: Nil

Store below 30°C (room temperature) in original container and protect from sunlight

Q Drench


Q-drench Multi Combination Drench for Sheep

The smart way to control resistant worms

  • Ideal for strategic drenching programs
  • Delays development of resistance
  • Controls triple-resistant Barber's pole worms
  • Liver fluke control - late immature and mature stages
  • Tapeworm, Lungworm, Itchmite, Nasal bot
  • Cost Effective
  • The smart choice when worm resistance status is not known

Q-drench® is a world-first multi-combination drench for sheep that contains active ingredients from four different drench classes. It is the only drench on the market that contains four actives and provides the best possible protection of your flock against current resistant worms and aids in the prevention of resistant worms establishing on your property.

Q-drench® offers you the best possible weapon to fight resistant internal parasites in sheep. The unique multi-combination of actives from four different drench classes gives you the ability to treat all major parasites (Barber's Pole Worm, Small Brown Stomach Worm and Black Scour Worm) and others in one easy dose.

  • If you are unaware of your drench resistance status - use Q-drench®
  • If you don't know which worm species you are dealing with - use Q-drench®
  • If you are drenching ewes prior to lambing - use Q-drench®
  • If you are drenching weaners - use Q-drench®

Q-drench® is an excellent choice as an effective quarantine drench when introducing new stock to your property.


Pro-Active Dual Drench Technology
The first drench in history designed to protect itself against resistance from the beginning

Proven in more than 200 farm trials5
Extensively road tested across Australia to confirm that Startect works where others fail

Prolongs the useful life of older drenches
When used as the cornerstone of your drench program

Startect: The new sheep drench that improves sustainability through better resistance management

Startect marks the first time that an entirely new class of sheep drench has been released in combination to better protect itself against resistance1. Startect contains derquantel, the first active from the new SI class (Spiroindoles), purposely combined with the powerful ML abamectin.

Startect works differently and has been proven to work where other drenches fail in over 200 local farm trials.2 When used routinely it also extends the useful life of older more

fragile drenches, giving more drenching options in future.3

A 28-day ESI (Export Slaughter Interval)4 allows speed to market and trading flexibility.

Startect delivers producers a new level of confidence when it comes to drenching and staying a step ahead of resistance.


For the control and treatment of internal parasites of sheep including those with single or dual resistance to macrocyclic lactones (including moxidectin resistant strains), benzimidazoles or imidazothiazoles (levamisole / morantel).

Also provides a selenium and cobalt supplement for sheep raised in selenium and/or cobalt deficient areas.

Active Constituents:

  • Abamectin 1.0 g/L
  • Oxfendazole 22.7 g/L
  • Levamisole 33.9 g/L (as lavamisole hydrochloride)
  • Selenium 0.5 g/L (as sodium selendate)
  • Cobalt 2.2 g/L (as cobalt disodium EDTA)

Dose Rate

  • 1mL / 5kg liveweight

Withholding Periods

  • Meat: 14 days
  • Milk: Do not use in ewes, which are producting or may in the future produce milk or milk products for human consumption.
  • ESI#: 28 days

For the treatment and control of abamectin sensitive strains of internal parasites (including benzimidazole, levamisole and morantel resistant strains), itch mite and nasal bot of sheep.

COMPOSITION: Abamectin 0.8g/L


  • Contains abamectin
  • Broad spectrum parasite control
  • Short acting
  • Un-selenised


Virbamec Oral is given orally at the recommended dose rate of 1mL/4kg.

Animals in excess of 80kg bodyweight to be dosed at 1mL/4kg


  • Meat: 14 days
  • Milk: Do not use in dairy breeds of sheep
  • ESI: 28 days


Liquid: 20L


Store below 30°C (room temperature) in original container.

Oral Drench-Internal parasite control - off shears

Maverick Pour on Sheep

For the control of sheep body lice (Bovicola ovis) on sheep off-shears, including lice resistant to synthetic pyrethroids. For the treatment and control of abamectin sensitive strains of gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep (including levamisole resistant strains).

Animal Husbandry- Sheep-Internal & External-External-Flies/Lice

Clik Blowfly

Insect growth regulator for prevention of blowfly strikes in sheep

Description and Composition

CLIK is a ready-to-use spray-on/pour-on formulation containing 50 g dicyclanil per litre


Dicyclanil, the active ingredient of CLiK, is an insect growth regulator belonging to the group of pyrimidinamines. Dicyclanil interferes with the chitin metabolism of the insect, in a way that is not yet exactly known. Treated larvae will therefore be unable to moult to the next stage. The molecule shows a high specificity for Dipteran fly larvae.

CLiK is to be used exclusively in a preventative way; i.e. the flock must be treated prior to an anticipated fly wave. First instar larvae are much more susceptible to dicyclanil than second and third instars, and established strikes may thus not be immediately cured.


CLiK is a ready-to-use spray-on/pour-on formulation for the prevention of blowfly strikes (Lucilia sericata, L. cuprina and Wohlfahrtia magnifica) in sheep.

Dosage and administration

The recommended dose rate is of 30 to 100 mg a.i. / kg bodyweight (0.6 to 2 ml of CLiK / kg bodyweight), according to the sheep weight and the type of strike. For further details, please refer to local label recommendations.

The protection period following a CLiK application will be of 16 to 24 weeks according to local conditions.

Withdrawal periods

Withdrawal periods according to national registrations.


Coopers Blowfly and Lice

Rapid knock down of maggots on struck sheep

Protects sheep against blowfly strike for up to 12 weeks

Treats lice in long woolled sheep

Moderate rainfall does not affect efficacy








VETRAZIN SPRAY ON is a spray-on insect growth regulator (IGR) for the prevention of fly strike in sheep. VETRAZIN SPRAY ON is a ready-to-use, low-volume formulation. The active ingredient in VETRAZIN SPRAY-ON is cyromazine, which cases retardation, malformation and death of young fly larvae.

WITHHOLDING PERIODS Wool- 2 months Meat- 7 days Milk- Do not use on sheep which are producing milk or milk products for human consumption. ESI- 21 days 

                                                Active: 60g/L Cyromazine


Graziers’ know that during humid summer months monitoring of sheep for fly strike is needed. The main purpose of an insecticidal dressing fluid is fast activity on maggots followed by protection of the healing wound from fly strike. The longer residual activity the greater comfort graziers’ will have when monitoring their flock post-treatment.

Deadmag dressing fluid is an organophosphate insecticide formulated for Australian conditions. During the warm summer months it will provide quick eradication with 4-8 hours by working on the nervous system of the blowfly followed by residual activity for up to 21 days.



For the control of susceptible body lice Bovicola ovis on shorn sheep up to 7 days off-shears and unshorn lambs up to 2 months of age. This product can be expected to protect sheep against re-infestation with lice for 4 weeks after treatment when applied within 24 hrs of shearing.


Extinosad Pour-On

Features and benefits

·         Off-shears or long wool

·         Kills SP and IGR resistant strains(3)

·         Kills lice within hours

·         Nil wool withholding period

·         Unique mode of action

                                                ·         Ideal for rotation programs

                                                ·         Ready-to-use formulation

Registered indications

Extinosad Pour-On is registered for the control of lice (Bovicola ovis) in sheep, both off-shears and with long wool, including strains that are resistant to synthetic pyrethroid (SP) compounds.

How Extinosad works

Extinosad contains the active ingredient, spinosad, which is derived from the naturally-occurring soil bacteria, Saccharopolyspora spinosa. Once absorbed or ingested by target insects, spinosad causes prolonged involuntary muscle contractions and tremors, resulting in neuromuscular fatigue, paralysis and death. Spinosad has a high level of activity against a number of insect species, including the sheep body louse (Bovicola ovis). Its unique mode of action controls lice strains that are resistant to insect growth regulator (IGR) and synthetic pyrethroid (SP) compounds.3

Despite its deadly activity against lice, Extinosad Pour-On poses remarkably little risk to humans, livestock or the environment when used in accordance with the label directions. It can be applied safely to all classes of sheep, including lambs.

Ideal for off-shears

Extinosad Pour-On is ideal for off-shears lice control. Its unique mode of action kills lice within hours and provides a much-needed alternative to insect growth regulator (IGR) compounds, to which resistance has been identified.(1) In four large-scale trials involving Merino wethers, ewes and rams, lice were undetectable in sheep five months after treatment with Extinosad Pour-On off-shears.(2)

Ideal for long wool

Extinosad Pour-On is the most effective pour-on treatment available to kill lice in sheep with long wool. (2) It kills lice within hours, including those strains resistant to synthetic pyrethroid (SP) compounds (e.g. Vanquish†) and has no wool or meat withholding periods. Extinosad Pour-On delivers excellent control of lice in sheep with long wool. Seven Australian field trials found Extinosad Pour-On reduced lice numbers in long wool sheep by an average of 97.3% two months after treatment!

Application guidelines

Apply using the special manual applicator or a powered applicator fitted with a modified t-bar nozzle. Halve the dose volume and apply as two bands approximately 5 cm from the backline on each side of the animal. Apply each band evenly from the poll to the base of the tail. Confine treated sheep in the yards for a short time to improve the spread of Extinosad Pour-On around the body via rubbing and/or physical contact with other sheep.

Always read the label instructions before use


Getting the best results

·         Treat all sheep on the property at the same time.

·         Muster each paddock thoroughly to ensure all sheep are treated.

·         Check boundary fences to ensure treated sheep are contained and to prevent untreated             or lice-infested sheep from joining treated mobs.

·         Do not mix treated sheep with untreated sheep, infested sheep or those of unknown lice           status.

·         Do not use on sheep with lumpy wool.

·         Sheep that require treatment with a long wool lousicide should be re-treated after                     shearing.

·         Moderate rainfall occurring after treatment will not adversely affect lice control provided           by Extinosad Pour-On.

Withholding periods

Wool:                                       NIL

Meat – Off-shears:                    14 days (ESI 21 days)

Meat – Suckling lambs:             14 days (ESI 21 days)

Meat – Long wool:                     NIL

Milk:                                         Do not use on ewes producing milk products now or in the future for human consumption.

An Export Slaughter Interval for this product has been determined. As the requirements of dfferent export markets can change, always contact Elanco or visit www.apvma.gov.au before using this product on sheep destined for export.


Eureka Gold Sheep Pour-On

Eureka Gold is an off-shears organophosphate spray-on backline lice treatment for use in sheep. It is indicated for the control of organophosphate (OP) susceptible and synthetic pyrethroid (SP) resistant strains of the sheep body louse (Bovicola ovis).

Active Constituent(s):

  • 93.3g/L diazinon((an anticholinesterase compound))


Stock Feeds

At Weston Milling Animal Nutrition we understand that successful sheep production relies on achieving optimal lambing percentages and lamb growth rates.  As a result, we have a range of high performing products, supported by expert technical advice to ensure results are delivered in these key areas. Our range includes feeds designed to meet the nutritional requirements of lamb and sheep at all stages of the lifecycle, including lamb rearing, finishing and maintenance. All products within the range have been carefully formulated to provide a balance ration and optimise performance, whilst always meeting Feedsafe standards.

   1 day-12 weeks


EasyOne is a nutritionally balanced 9mm pellet designed to be fed to ewes and lambs.

EasyOne requires no adaptation – lambs are on full feed from Day 1 and therefore can reach a heavier weight earlier. No additional roughage is required, adding value by saving time, labour and investment in capital equipment. The technology used to produce EasyOne makes the stored nutrients more readily available for lamb growth and modifies rumen acidity ensuring lambs grow faster without the stress from eating traditional full grain rations.


Molasses Based: A mult-mineral dry feed supplement containing 11% urea, 5.5% protien meal and essential trace minerals. Suitable for cattle or sheep grazing on dry pasture or forage stubble


Premium Milk Replacer for Lambs, Kids, Crias & Other Farm Animals

  • Australia’s #1 selling lamb-kid-cria milk replacer
  • Suitable for rearing all farm animals
  • Australia’s leading Lamb-Kid-Cria (Alpaca) milk replacer
  • Pack sizes to suit commercial and hobby farmers
  • Easy mixing formula

ProfeLAC SHEPHERD is Australia’s leading milk replacer specifically formulated for lamb-kid-cria rearing systems to provide orphaned newborns the start of a lifetime.

ProfeLAC SHEPHERD has been blended from selected ingredients to offer an easy-to-mix, highly digestible milk feed ideal for rearing infant farms animals.

ProfeLAC SHEPHERD is suitable for rearing lambs, kids, crias, pups, fawns, piglets, foals, ponies, calves, other farm animals and as a supplement to the diet of adult dogs.

Easy-mix technology and milk-soluble innovation ensures consistent premium quality and value for money.



Palastart Lamb & Kid Milk Replacer is a unique, highly palatable dairy-based stock feed containing soluble molasses powder. It is designed to replace fresh milk in a lamb or kids diet after colostrum feeding and through to weaning.

Palastart Lamb & Kid is specially formulated and quality checked to meet the nutritional requirements of lambs and kids of all ages.

Palastart Lamb & Kid is a free flowing blend of milk powders, dairy powders, soluble molasses powder and a specially formulated vitamin, mineral, and trace element pre mix. The unique usage of soluble molasses powder in Palastart Lamb & Kid with its well recognised nutritional and palatability benefits may assist with the weaning of lambs and kids onto solids.

Palastart Lamb & Kid contains MOS which is a mannan oligosaccharide to minimise damage to sensitive stomach linings and to remove harmful bacteria.


  • High in energy (fat) and protein
  • Higher energy and protein levels mean better growth rates
  • Specifically formulated for feeding to lambs and kids
  • Contains MOS for a healthy gut balance to protect against scours and stomach disorders
  • Contains molasses powder to tempt fussy eaters by providing a consistent flavour day to day
  • Addition of molasses powder may also help with the recognition of concentrates as feeds to be sought and consumed
  • Supplies all necessary vitamins, mineral, and trace elements
  • Easy mixing powder when added to warm water
  • Suitable for use with all types of automatic feeders


Raising and caring for sheep requires a range of health management solutions that sustain the wellness and maximize the potential of the flock. Zoetis provides a broad range of anti-parasitic treatments, vaccines and other therapies to help sheep farmers and veterinarians improve sheep health and enhance the profitability of their operation.


Glanvac®6S B12 provides sheep with protection against Cheesy Gland (CLA) and the five main clostridial diseases with the added ability to correct selenium and cobalt deficiencies in lambs and adult sheep.

Glanvac® 3S B12 provides sheep with protection against cheesy gland, tetanus and pulpy kidney with the added ability to help correct selenium and cobalt deficiency in lambs and adult sheep.

Glanvac 6 Indications Control of caseous lymphadenitis and prevention of enterotoxaemia (pulpy kidney disease), tetanus, black disease, malignant oedema (blackleg-like disease) and blackleg in sheep, lambs, goats and kids; swelled head in rams.


Glanvac 3® (Reg No. G2347 (Act 36/1947))

For the control of caseous lymphadenitis (CLA or cheesy gland) and the prevention of enterotoxaemia (Pulpy kidney disease due to CI perfringens Type D) and tetanus.


For the control of erysipelas infection in lambs causing:

  • Inability to stand
  • Depression
  • Lameness and inability to walk
  • Chronic arthritis caused by erysipelas leads to production losses due to poor body and wool growth


Multimin Injection for Sheep

Multimin Injection for CattleInjectable source of zinc, manganese, copper and selenium – significantly increases the trace mineral status of sheep .Ideal for topping up trace minerals prior to critical events (eg. joining, lambing, marking, weaning) when demand may increase. Provides trace minerals essential for optimal health, production and fertility.Contains four trace minerals in a convenient, water based injection.


Vitamin B12 injection for sheep and cattle Contains Hydroxocobalamin Acetate Readily absorbed Well tolerated and non-irritant Water based

Ear tags

ID Tags for Stud Sheep 

Two Piece




NEW "Quick Release" 
Fast Tagger Applicator Aluminium or Plastic



When supplied with Tamperproof TF Females "LM" Type 2 Blind Tip males are recommended


LEADER "TAMPERPROOF" Tags are approved by many Government Agencies including the NLIS Australia, the AHB New Zealand, the CCIA Canada and the MAFF in the United Kingdom to name a few.

All tags can be supplied in your choice of eight standard Laser colours.

Tags may be LASER Black marked, HOT Black  Ink Foil stamped OR a combination of BOTH. BLACK is also available with white laser or stamp.


Applied using one-piece applicator  

Two Piece




ONLY LEADER provides "Reinforced Strength Bars" in the necks of its tags for added reliability and longevity.




SHEEP & GOATS - Leadertags, Jumbo Leadertags, Multitags, Multi 25's and Swiveltags

CATTLE & DEER - Multitags, Multi 25's, Clip Tags, Steel Tags and Lapover Tags

PIGS - Steel Tags    NOTE: FLEXIBLE Two Piece Tags may be used on all Livestock


UP To 60% FASTER.  The "Original" applicator punched a hole in the ear and inserted the "Original" tag in one single action. Our NEW "light weight" Plastic and Aluminium taggers now apply the "Original" Leadertags and NEW Jumbo Leadertags even better.

No fuss tagging in all conditions. Long lasting with rugged construction and minimal parts. This tagger revolutionised sheep tagging when first released.

The RapIDTagger Applicator (22143) is a single shot applicator used for applying RapIDTags.

Easy to tag and reload in seconds.

The FlexiMatic V2 (15765) is a Semi-Automatic applicator used for applying Allflex FlexiTags.

Strips of 25 tags are loaded and can be quickly applied. 

The FlexiMatic should be thoroughly washed and left to drain after prolonged use, to keep all parts moving freely. 

Improved Leader Pen with broad tip. Markings penetrate deeply and are quick drying.

Designed for one hand operation in conjunction with standard marking rings

Weigh Scales and indicators

The top of the line choice in Weigh Scales, the TSi2 facilitates quick and efficient decisions out on farm with immediate access to all records, anywhere, anytime, in the yard, office or on the farm.

•  Livestock Management Comprehensive drafting capability - draft by weight, EID number or any other user-defined rule

•  Accurate livestock inventory reporting - automatically updates animal's on farm status when an event is added, know exactly how many animals are 'on' or 'off' farm at any time Stock availability reporting - predict the number of animals within a desired weight range at a given date

•  Easily customise weighing and data recording sessions - automatically collect specific animal ID, traits, activities, notes and life data

Entry level automatic weigh scale with basic drafting capability and ability to send weights to the HR5 Hand Held EID tag Reader.

Handling Equipment

The Sheep Auto Drafter is a fully automated weighing and drafting system that is smoother, quieter and easier to set up and operate than any other sheep drafting product on the market.

•  Automatic operation - entry gate controlled by machine, drafting becomes a one-person operation

•  Silent - very quiet both electronically and audibly - handles EID well and sheep are not frightened Sheep friendly design - high stock throughput Portable - lightweight and easily transportable Virtually indestructible - composite material withstands repeated sheep impact

The unique design of the Gallagher Run Past Sheep Antenna greatly improves the pick-up rate of EID tags when sheep are moving by at speed in a single file race.

An incredibly powerful portable data collection and editing device enabling users to record, edit and customise data anywhere on the farm.

•  Large easy to read display (indoors & out) clearly shows visual and EID tag numbers to confirm the correct animal's information
•  Collect data not just EID numbers - unique phone style keypad for adding and editing data in the yard
•  Add Visual ID’s to identify and record information against an animal e.g. replacing a lost EID tag number Enter numeric, text, date and pick-list type traits e.g. breed, sex, condition score, pregnancy status or free typing in 'lame' or 'loose'


The Stock Prod Professional is a full power model that stands up to the rigors of farm and ranch life better than any other stock prod available.

•  Standard full power functionality
•  Aluminium shaft with galvanized steel spring provides unique strength and flexibility
•  Super strong shaft absorbs sudden animal movement and reduces stress to the user
•  Comes with 89cm shaft

Strong, safe, instant power. The Stock Prod Standard is lightweight and well balanced and works well on both wet and dry animals. This model includes disposable batteries.


Flexible and durable shaft for standard and rechargeable stock prods.

Animal Husbandry-Sheep-Feed supplement


Premium Lamb-Kid-Cria Milk Replacer

ProfeLAC SHEPHERD Premium Lamb-Kid-Cria Milk Replacer has been specifically formulated to mimic ewe milk for optimum lamb nutrition. It is high-fat, low-lactose milk feed ideal for rearing lambs, kids and crias after receiving sufficient intake and optimum benefit from first colostrum – an essential start to life.

ProfeLAC SHEPHERD is produced from 100% Australian dairy ingredients using Murray Goulburn’s state-of-the-art easymix technology providing superior product consistency and ease of mixing. It does NOT contain Tallow or any Restricted Animal Materials. It forms a curd (clot) in the abomasums/stomach to aid casein digestion.

ProfeLAC SHEPHERD has been fortified with BioPAK® SHEPHERD a proprietary blend of host-specific probiotics, acidifiers, oligosaccharides and botanical extracts as an aid to digestion, intestinal microbial balance and to maintain gut health. Also contains milk-soluble essential Vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, K, biotin & choline plus Trace Minerals including Cobalt, Copper, Iodine, Iron, Zinc, Manganese & Selenium for optimum infant animal nutrition.


Multimin Copper-Free Injection for Sheep and Cattle

·         Injectable source of zinc, manganese and selenium

·         Ideal for topping up trace minerals prior to critical events (eg. joining, lambing, marking, weaning) when demand may increase.

·         Provides trace minerals essential for optimal health, production and fertility.

·         Contains three trace minerals in a convenient, water based injection.

·         Unique, patented, aqueous injection.


 You may be wondering…‘Why Anitone’?  Anitone is the only liquid animal supplement available on the market for animal production with such a comprehensive range of ingredients, containing not only essential minerals, but also amino acids, and Vitamins A, D and Vitamin E.   Anitone is the only feed supplement on the market that is fermented in a process that mimics natural digestive processes, and is therefore highly palatable and relished by most animals.

Technical Notes

Follow the link to our extensive range of technical notes on this product range

Technical Notes on our Sheep products