Our Poultry Supplies

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Our Poultry Supplies


Weston Milling Animal Nutrition has been supplying Australian poultry(includes ducks, turkeys & geese) farmers with their complete nutritional needs for almost 60 years.  We use only the best quality grains, proteins, vitamins and minerals, all tested to FeedSafe standard, expertly milled and supported by a dedicated team of nutritionists.

Farmyard Chick Starter Crumble

0-8 Weeks 

Farmyard Chick Grower Crumble

9-17 Weeks 

Farmyard Layer Grain

·         18 Weeks +

     Farmyard Poultry Grain


 18 Weeks +

In addition to an extensive range of specifically formulated feeds, Weston Milling Animal Nutrition also offers a variety of raw material products to supplement the diet of your animals.

    Bran             Flaky          Millmix      Pollard         Feed Oats


Stainless and Nylon Drinking Bowl

This livestock drinker provides your animal with an abundant supply of clean fresh water, eliminating waste and saving labour. There is only one moving part, a polypropyle . suitable for low or mains water pressure. 4 litre capacity.

20 Litre Large Feeder


  • Convenient feeder for poultry
  • Holes reduce feed wastage
  • UV stabilised to withstand the elements
  • Carry handle on feeders
  • Optional weather hood to protect feed from rain

Strong & Light

  • Strong all-poly construction suitable for corrosive environments
  • Light and easy to handle facilities relocation
  • Smooth finish for ease of cleaning
  • Peg down points to prevent livestock pushing trough around
  • 4 sizes to choose from to meet all needs

The two smaller Crown drinkers are simple pressfit

onto the base, but the larger models twist-lock

for positive attachment. This makes them easy to

carry and shift, using the wire handles attached.

Also the larger sizes have a flat top which serves

to stand the drinker upright on when filling. Ball

drinkers prevent chicks standing in the trough.

Crown poultry feeders have some valuable

features. The suspension point incorporates a

wing nut adjuster for feed flow. This gives a very

wide range to produce optimum flow and trough

levels for various feeds and seed sizes. Also the

troughs have segregations to reduce losses from

birds flicking seed out sideways. Heavy galvanising

on all metal parts. Lids available separately


What Is Grit and Why Is It Important?

SHELL GRIT  Adding shell grit to your chickens diet is vitally important – it’s essential to their digestive system healthy and functioning well, and helps to ensure they have access to the nutrients their bodies demand. Here’s a little more about grit, and why it’s a great idea to add some to your flock’s feed. What does it help with? Grit is designed to help the chickens’ digestive system function well and break down the food as it should. The grit helps grind down the food in the gizzard, keeping their digestive system happy! Shell grit also gives your chickens’ calcium levels a boost – something that is crucial to your flock’s bone strength and eggshell strength.


Perfect Pecker- A free range nutrient feed block targeted to free range breeders and layers. Contains natural shell grit & blackstrap molasses. It encourages natural pecking and forage instincts.