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Great Northern Rural Services rely on the following suppliers to help provide all your Dog supplies requirements

Internal and External Parasite Control

Advocate for Cats

Advocate is a high-end product to control different parasitic infections in cats. This once a month topical solution treats heavy flea infestation and prevents re-infestation. It acts as the best prevention treatment for heartworm disease in cats. The easy to apply solution treats and controls fleas, ear mites, hookworms and roundworms, and protects cats from their harmful effects.

Drontal Cat Allwormer Tablet

Drontal for cats is a broad spectrum Allwormer tablet for killing and controlling intestinal worms in cats. The tablet used as a single treatment treats tapeworm, hookworm and roundworm infections in kittens and cats.


Frontline Plus Cats Flea Control

Frontline Plus is a potent monthly flea and tick treatment for cats. The topical solution kills 100% of adult fleas on cats within 12 hours of application and 100% of ticks and chewing lice within 24 hours of application. This spot-on treatment destroys all life stages of brown dog tick and other ticks. It’s effective in killing flea eggs and larvae, and thus destroys flea life cycle. This further prevents flea infestation and protects felines from heavy flea infestation and other diseases caused due to fleas and ticks. The long lasting effect works for the whole month, which is safe to use on breeding, lactating and pregnant cats.

Pet Foods

Specifically formulated for adult cats 1 to 7 years. SUPERCOAT® Adult Chicken Flavour provides complete and balanced nutrition, with no artificial colours or flavours, to help keep your cat happy and healthy.

No artificial colours or flavours

Healthy active energy

Real Chicken

Shiny coat and healthy skin

Omega 3 & 6 oils plus phytonutrients

Essential vitamins, minerals & antioxidants

Immune protection

Healthy Digestion

Natural fibres including Yucca extract

Every bowl of WHISKAS® is 100% nutritionally complete and balanced with all the nutrients and vitamins your cat needs to stay healthy and happy.

With deliciously crunchy pieces that are packed full of taste and bursting with goodness, WHISKAS® is the perfect choice for giving your cat the best in taste and nutrition every day. The DENTAL PROTECTION PLUS™ pieces work like a toothbrush to scrub teeth, massage gums and help prevent the build up of plaque and tartar. There's a great range of delicious flavours to choose from, including special formulations for cats prone to fur balls and cats that spend most of their time indoors. Every bowl of WHISKAS® is 100% nutritionally complete and balanced with all the nutrients and vitamins your cat needs to stay healthy and happy.

Our tasty range of WHISKAS® Adult cans includes meals of so many delicious flavours that you'll never be short of inspiration when it comes to your furry friends mealtime! Plus, you'll always be sure they get all the essential vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy and happy.