Our Animal Production Services

At Great Northern Rural Services we have a wide range of Animal Production Services which also include the services of industry leading vet, Mr Bob Nickels

Our Key Animal Production Service Partners

Great Northern Rural Services rely on the following supplier to help provide our range of of animal production services.....

Livestock Health, Production and marketing Services available to GNRS Clients!

Great Northern Rural Services livestock clients should be aware of the range of livestock health, production and marketing advice available to them as valued clients of GNRS.

These services are provided by the competent and experienced animal health and marketing team of Dr Bob Nickels and Nick Bailye working with Paul and the shop staff at GNRS with links to Nick Benson of Primaries.

Services include but are not limited to:

Individual on Farm consultations encompassing:

       Herd or flock production advice

       Veterinary examination of sick or injured animals

       Post mortem examinations

       Collection of samples for diagnostic testing 

       Supply of appropriate Veterinary medicines.

 Technical advisory services for preventative animal health programs

       Vaccination programs

       Parasite control programs

       General reproduction advice

 Grazing management in conjunction with pasture agronomy services

Seasonal nutritional supplementation advice.
Farm Bio-security programs.
Marketing advice and Ram selection

Clients will be responsible for costs of materials to collect diagnostic samples, freight costs to laboratories, laboratory processing costs and any Veterinary medicines supplied.

If you need any advice or assistance with livestock diseases, production or marketing simply contact Great Northern Rural Services on 0899641274 or Dr Bob Nickels on 0429238517.


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