Our Animal Husbandry Services

Worming, cattle production, veterinary care... at Great Northern Rural Services we aim to cater to all aspects of animal husbandry, offering a wide range of animal health supplies to keep your sheep, cattle and pets healthy, strong and well-cared for.

We understand your desire to provide your animals – both domestic and from your farm - with the finest in foods, medicines and care options. They are more than just your career and pets. They are your companions. Your life. And deserve every opportunity to thrive, grow and live a long and happy life.

Thankfully, you can offer your animals such a future - free from ill health and poor diet - as we deal with all major Animal Health suppliers, in order to deliver to you the best in animal care options, day after day.

With our animal production services you will receive:

So contact our team of experts today, and harness the expertise of more than 50 years industry knowledge and advice on animal production. 

Committed to your animal’s continuous health and well-being, with Great Northern Rural Services you can experience the confidence of quality support, top brand supplies and access to professional vets, care providers and assistance.

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