Our Crop Production, Seed and Fertiliser Services

Our Crop Production, Seed and Fertiliser Services

At Great Northern Rural Services, we are passionate about helping our clients to successfully free their crops from unwanted pests and disease. We do this by providing you with the products and advice to match your crop issue to produce fields of healthy crops, year after year.

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Animal Production Services

Our Animal Production Services

Worming, cattle production, veterinary care... at Great Northern Rural Services we aim to cater to all aspects of animal husbandry, offering a wide range of animal health supplies to keep your sheep, cattle and pets healthy, strong and well-cared for.

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Water & Irrigation Services

Our Water and Irrigation Services

At Great Northern Rural Services, our water team consistently strives to find the right solution for you, providing an extensive range of pumps, sprinklers and fittings to ensure complete peace of mind.

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General Merchandise Services

Our General Merchandise Services

Whether you need a new pair of work boots or are searching for cleaning and pest control supplies, we offer a diverse range of general merchandise to fulfill all your rural and domestic service needs.

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Horticulture Services

Our Horticulture Services

As one of the most important industries in Geraldton and its surrounding Shires, at Great Northern Rural Services we aim to offer you the finest in horticulture services and products to ensure your continued success.

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Home & Garden

Our Home and Garden Services

No matter your home and garden needs, at Great Northern Rural Services, we aim to deliver. From our laundry products to our flea, worm and tick supplies; we offer a scope of products to make handling your home and garden much easier. 

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Finance & Insurance

Our Finance and Insurance Services

Through our partners at Ruralco Finance and Ruralco Insurance, we are able to offer an impressive range of finance and insurance products to help you deal with your home, business and farm.

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Grain Marketing Services

Our Grain Marketing Services

We offer a wide range of Grain Marketing Options through Agfarm and CHS.

As an independent, farmer owned co-operative, CHS has a strong focus on helping growers to receive innovative products as well as a tradition of providing partnerships throughout its networks that create value for the grower.

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Technical Notes

Technical Information Page

Welcome to Great Northern Rural Services

Following the various links you will find answers to a wide range of issues , along with helpful documents you can download


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